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GSP Coatings provides precision anodizing and hardcoating

GSP Coatings provides close tolerance anodizing and hard coatings for the aerospace, medical, optical, military, automotive, food machine manufacturing, and other industries. With a capable, experienced, and growing staff of friendly professionals, we pride ourselves in the accomplishment of our ISO 9001-2015 and AS9100:2016 Certification. Our can do attitude will surprise even the most experienced engineer or purchasing agent. Utilizing state of the art anodizing controls, and having the ability to mask the most complex shapes, we have provided proven results of quality finishes you expect. It is GSP Coatings mission to preserve its’ high ethical standards and to be a Leader in the chemical processing field while meeting all environmental regulations.

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ISO 9001-20150 and AS9100:2016 Certification

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GSP Coatings with its combined employee experience of over 50 years in anodizing practices
provides the highest quality coatings in the industry.