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Clear Hard Coating

Our goal at GSP Coatings is to be your first choice when you need clear hard coating services for your aluminum parts.

Clear Hard Coating aluminumOur customers can be assured that throughout every phase of the hard coating process, our line technicians have the capabilities to ensure that your parts’ hardcoat requirements and tolerance specifications are achieved.

With state of the art technology in place to produce quality hard anodized coatings combined with our ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100B certifications, we can readily provide hard coating aluminum services for numerous industries such as: automotive, aerospace, electronics, food processing, medical equipment, marine and manufacturing – to name a few.

Why clear hard coating aluminum is a smart choice.

Whether it’s for commercial, industrial or consumer application, many of GSP Coatings’ customers select clear hard coating for many reasons, to include:
  • Hard anodize coating provides corrosion protection to aluminum parts that delivers a diamond hard finish
    (Rockwell scale of C)
  • Hard coating aluminum is the most durable finish for keeping friction coefficients low
  • Hardcoating provides for electrical insulation.
  • PTFE hardcoatings provides for lubricity and wear resistance.

Hard Coat Anodizing

GSP Coatings can also provide hard coat anodizing in a range of thicknesses from .0008 mils to 6 mils as required by the application.

Take the next step
If you need assistance to determine whether clear hard coating is the proper anodizing finish for your part, we can help.

Clear Hard coating questions? Email us TodayWe will begin by taking into consideration numerous factors before recommending that hard coatings would be suitable for your aluminum part, such as its use, hardness and corrosion requirements, and exposure conditions.

In the end, we deliver a high-quality, defect-free end product through our superior clear hard coating process.

For more information about our hard anodized coating services or other metal finishing services we provide at GSP Coatings, please call us at 802.257.5858.
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