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Color Anodizing

color anodizing Could your precision parts benefit from aluminum color anodizing? Do you know about the full range of color anodizing options available?

With a commitment to quality and excellent attention to detail, GSP Coatings is your solution when your parts need aluminum anodizing colors. Whether it's an automotive part that could benefit from color anodizing to assist with easy identification or an electronic part that calls for an anodize color for aesthetic reasons, we offer our customers a wide range of anodized color options that are certain to meet all unique color anodizing needs.

Advantages of color anodizing with GSP Coatings:
  • GSP Coatings Run multiple anodized aluminum color lines daily, 18 hours a day
  • Colors offered in a wide range from black to clear and bright purples to rich reds
  • Employ state of the art processes to ensure quality
  • Capable of color anodizing for a variety of part sizes
  • Provide small and large color anodize production runs
  • Able to combine multiple anodized colors on same part
When we color anodize your aluminum parts, you can be assured that the ISO 9001:2000
and AS9100B quality control processes we employ will deliver an end product that exceeds
your expectations, and more importantly meets all design specifications.

Color Anodized Aluminum

Benefits of color anodized aluminum:
  • Assists with parts identification
  • Adds aesthetic appeal to exposed parts
  • Makes your precision aluminum parts stand out
  • Provides corrosion protection
  • Improves surface durability
  • Insulates against stray electrical currants
Questions about or color anodizing capabilities? Email us TodayOur customers can be assured that GSP Coatings has the knowledge and experience to provide assistance on every detail involved in the anodized colors process - from color selection to suggestions on combining the color anodizing process with other metal
finishing services we provide.

Aluminum Anodizing Color

Color anodizing aluminum takes precision and experience to be done correctly the first time. At GSP Coatings, we are committed to your complete satisfaction and encourage you to call us at 802.257.5858 to get more information about our aluminum color anodizing services.
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