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Hard Anodizing

Hard Anodized Aluminum From a small lot prototype to a production run of a million parts, GSP Coatings can provide hard anodizing services to suit your company's specific requirements.

With a commitment for producing high-quality precision hard anodizing, our customers can be assured that we will work to yield the best results. We achieve this through employing ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100 quality assurance systems throughout the anodizing coating process, which is performed by our highly skilled and attentive technicians.

To that end, when all phases of the hard anodizing process is completed, our technicians also conduct a thorough inspection of your aluminum part to ensure close tolerance anodizing meets your specifications.

Anodizing Aluminum

The hard anodizing process produces a thick and dense coating that provides many benefits
to an aluminum part, which include:
  • Superior wear-ability
  • Electrical insulator (non-conducive)
  • Colorable in dark spectrums
  • Diamond hard finishes (72 Rockwell in the C scale)
  • Salvage for undersized parts up to .004
Our capabilities for hard anodizing meet the requirements for numerous TYPE III MIL specs,
AMS, and ASTM specifications.

With over 50 combined years of anodizing experience, we stand ready to provide
anodizing aluminum services for a diverse customer base, and have built a strong reputation
of knowing how to advise our customers on selecting the appropriate metal finish for their aluminum parts.

Applications for hard anodizing that GSP Coatings has delivered to its customers
  • Aluminum anodizing was an option for reducing friction on a piece of machinery for a military application.
  • A marine customer specified hard anodizing for parts that were subjected to harsh salt conditions and therefore needed a corrosion resistance anodizing coating to ensure durability.
  • Hard anodizing was the most suitable finish for an industrial application where an aluminum part needed superior wear-ability and abrasion resistance.
  • Hard anodizing with its ability to build can reduce your scrap with precise builds. It can repair the oversize bores as well as the undersized outside diameters of your work.
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Metal Finishing

But regardless of your hard anodizing need, we consistently deliver excellence and will provide you with the highest level of customer service. For more information about our hard anodizing services or other ISO certified metal finishing services we provide, please call us at 802.257.5858.
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GSP Coatings with its combined employee experience of over 50 years in anodizing practices
provides the highest quality coatings in the industry.

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