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Precision Anodizing and Plating

precision anodizing Often times, critical dimensions are not adjusted during the machining of aluminum parts, which means that the part will need to undergo precision anodizing and plating to achieve engineered tolerances.

GSP Coatings specializes in delivering exceptional precision anodizing and plating services to a wide range of customers from those in the aerospace to telecommunications industry. Our facility located in Brattleboro, VT is completely equipped to offer precision anodizing and plating to our customers. Further, we employ only those with the skill and expertise to deliver consistent quality to all precision anodized parts.

At GSP Coatings, we strive to ensure that all precision anodizing and plating meets certain specifications and adheres to industry quality standards throughout the precision anodizing process.

Precision Anodizing

We offer three precision anodizing methods which include:
  1. Build-up precision anodizing. Part is manufactured undersize to make allowances for plating build-up that increases part size to meet exact size specifications.
  2. Precision anodizing. Part has been manufactured to print finish size, it is necessary to make allowances for removal of material to reduce part size then anodize back to meet final print specifications.
  3. Cosmetic anodizing. Parts have been manufactured to have a cosmetic finish requirement for aesthetic reasons. Anodizing will protect this finish and enhance its beauty.

Plating Process

We provide only the highest level of service when working with our customers throughout the precision anodizing and plating process-asking the right questions to ensure we completely understand the results they are looking to achieve-and strive to exceed expectations.

Benefits of hiring GSP Coatings for your precision anodizing needs
  • Capability to meet 0.0001 +/- tolerances
  • Line technicians are highly skilled and experienced
  • Controlled capabilities that allows for fast turn-around and delivery
  • ISO 9000:2001 and AS9100 certified ensures quality standards are implemented
  • Quality inspection to check for part defects before beginning precision anodizing process
Questions about Precision anodizing and plating capabilities? Email us TodayAt GSP Coatings, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. We invite you call us at 802.257.5858 to learn more about the full breadth of our precision anodizing and plating capabilities and to discuss how we can be of service to your company.
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