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Our AS9100C quality system procedures require product and process verification, and documentation to be implemented each and every time we receive an order. Our state of the art data entry software is a key factor in achieving reliability and consistency with your orders. Continuous communications with our customers assures the accuracy and quality that they expect. We monitor and validate our process with equipment that is calibrated and certified. In addition we send compliance coupons to an accredited testing lab for validation of our process.

Coupons are sent for;

ASTM-B117 Salt Spray testing for Chemical Film and Anodizing

Adhesion Tape Test IAW Fed Test Method STD. 141 Method 6301.3

Coating Weight and Tabor Abrasion Testing for Hardcoat to meet requirements for Mil-A-8625F Type II Class 1 Clear and Type II Class 2 colored coatings and Mil-A- 8625F Type III coatings


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